May 3, 2011


While living in California I would host a Kentucky Derby gathering. In 1990, our party proved lucrative when Unbridled responded to trainer Carl Nafzger's memorable narration for Mrs. (I Love You) Genter.

In those days there were separate pools handling bets from remote outposts and one could never be sure what the final odds might be in your betting jurisdiction. Unbridled paid $23.60 at Churchill Downs but I was stunned to discover that our California tickets were worth double that amount.

Mister Frisky accounted for the discrepancy. Undefeated in l6 starts, Mister Frisky had Latin horseplayers in a frenzy after leaving his Puerto Rico home to win the Santa Anita Derby. Mister Frisky was trained by Laz Barrera of Affirmed fame and that only further expanded the Unbridled price even more. Mister Frisky was hammered down to 6-to-5 despite having lost considerable weight while reeling off his win streak.

Thousands of hombres wore a long face going home to the barrios. When it came time to cash in I discovered that our payoff in Santa Barbara was twice the size than the one in Louisville. Viva! Unbridled

After a brief tussle with my Jesuit upbringing about the proper distribution of the largesse (mine, all mine), I came home with the swag and a flourish and better champagne that we were used to drinking. Summer Squall and Pleasant Tap filled in a $800 or so payday in the trifecta.