Dec 8, 2009


During one of my “writer’s block” episodes I was told by one of my few regular readers

to come up with some new material. “I’m tired of reading about Palsy Walsy,” said Padraig Campion, squire of Blandford Stud.

Sorry, Padraig, but I couldn,t help but notice that Palsy Walsy shows up prominently in the pedigree of that great Japanese mare Vodka, winner over colts in the recent Japan Cup.

Palsy Walsy is the second dam of Rousillon, sire of Tanino Sister, in turn the dam of Vodka.

Now that I’ve brought you up to date on one of my favorite mares I promise to generate some more lively fare during the grey wintry fortnight when the Thoroughbreds take their rest.