Nov 1, 2007

Next Of Kin


Father who smiles with teeth as white as snow
And looks out at the world.
Who is fur and cloth.
Whose eyes are made from ocean water.
Whose nose is a small mountain.
Whose life is a snake
Who golfs for eternity
Is brightening the universe
Is listening to the sound of the world jumping around
Who has passion for horses
Whose first name is Dan
Who enjoys Keeneland and golf
Who has many brothers
Whose wisdom sparkles conversation
Who has a heart full as a balloon
Who had a mind as strong as a tornado
Who has an honest soul
Is the owner of two cats
Who goes to the derby each year
Whose love for me is never ending
Who I will always keep in my thoughts.

Brody Kenny
Room 6A, Christ The King School
Lexington, KY